VISIONS Program  

In 2001, Skyworks began working with the Greater Lawrence Educational Collaborative (now known as CREST, which stands for Collaborative Regional Educational Services and Training). CREST provides a number of quality educational and vocational programs for students and adults with special needs, including school-to-work programs and vocational services.

One of the programs within CREST is the VISIONS Program, which provides both individual and group-supported work training, vocational counseling and job development for individuals 22 years of age and older within local industries and businesses. The ultimate goal of the program is competitive community employment.

Today, Skyworks has six individuals and two work supervisors from the VISIONS Program working in our Accounts Payable department. These individuals are truly excited about their work and are extremely loyal and dedicated. We are thrilled to have the extra help and honored that we are able to be part of this initiative.

VISIONS is just one of several collaborative programs where Skyworks partners to employ individuals with special needs.

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