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Skyworks is a world-class supplier of high performance ceramic band pass filters. Specializing in band pass, notch and diplexing applications, Skyworks can cover a frequency range from 250 MHz to 7000 MHz with surface mount or connectorized devices. Utilizing state-of-the-art assembly automation, Skyworks provides cost-effective solutions meeting high performance specifications.

Our assembly methodology offers a wide array of designs, from 2 mm x 2 pole - 20 mm x 10 pole band-pass filters and diplexers, to advanced band stop (notch) designs and high-pass or low-pass filters. Typical applications and ranges of products are listed in our product documentation. Detailed specifications, both mechanical and electrical, are maintained for many popular designs on our website, or by contacting your local sales representative.

The nature of applications utilizing a band pass filter, duplexer or notch filter, necessitates the close interaction of the customer and Skyworks application engineering. Our application engineers employ the latest in simulation and circuit analysis software, with accurately defined design rules, to provide rapid turnaround on new filter designs. With our experience and design aids, Skyworks can provide the necessary support for your application from prototype through production.

The strength of Skyworks' designs begins with our ability to produce our own coaxial resonators from proprietary ceramic formulations. These resonators provide a high Q element that allows us to maintain our low filter insertion loss values. With numerous design package styles, Skyworks offers aggressive lead times on both prototype and volume applications.


  • High Q Ceramic
  • Rugged
  • Temperature Compensated
  • Custom Designs
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Small Compact Design
  • Frequency Stability
  • Mechanical Stability
Data Sheets 1.85 mm Subminiature Ceramic Filter 1_85_mm_Subminiature_Ceramic_Filter_202822F.pdf (140 KB)
Data Sheets 12 and 20 mm High Power Ceramic Filters 12_mm_and_20mm_High_Power_Ceramic_Filters_202695C.pdf (173 KB)
Data Sheets 5 GHz Dielectric Cavity 5GHz_Dielectric_Cavity_203822A.pdf (112 KB)
Data Sheets 915 MHz Ceramic Band-Pass Filter 915_MHz_Ceramic_Band_Pass_Filter_205385C.pdf (368 KB)
Data Sheets Introduction and Applications for Ceramic Band Pass Filters Ceramic_Band_Pass_Filters_204049D.pdf (432 KB)
Data Sheets Compact Narrow-Band Notch Ceramic Based Filters Compact_Narrow_Band_Notch_Ceramic_Based_Filters_203548C.pdf (72 KB)
Data Sheets Connectorized Filter Assembly Connectorized_Filter_Assembly_202697A.pdf (168 KB)
Data Sheets High Frequency Ceramic Filter High_Frequency_Ceramic_Filters_203315D.pdf (72 KB)
Data Sheets Microminature Filter Microminiature_Ceramic_Filters_203031D.pdf (163 KB)
Data Sheets Multi-User Operating System Diplexer Multi_User_Operating_System_Diplexer_203699C.pdf (146 KB)
Data Sheets Notch/Band Reject Filter Notch_Band_Reject_Filter_202696A.pdf (98 KB)
Data Sheets TT12P5-0707P0-1822 (12 mm), TT20P5-0707P0-1819 (20 mm) TT12P5-TT20P5_High_Power_Ceramic_LTE_Filters_202899A.pdf (123 KB)
Data Sheets VHF/UHF Duplexer VHF_UHF_Duplexer_202823A.pdf (128 KB)
Miscellaneous PCB Filters Reflow Process Compatibility for Lead (Pb)-Free and RoHS Compliant ReflowPCB_Filters.pdf (100 KB)
Miscellaneous RF Components Frequently Asked Questions TT_F0672_RF_Components_FAQ.pdf (110 KB)
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