2.4 GHz Power Amplifier with Power Detector

The SE2528L is a 2.4 GHz power amplifier designed for use in the 2.4 GHz ISM band for wireless LAN applications. The device incorporates two selectable power detectors for closed loop monitoring of the output power.

The SE2528L is form, fit and function identical to SiGe’s SE2525L. The SE2528L design can be placed on SE2525L designs to provide higher output power with only a few component changes.

The SE2528L also offers a high power mode by operating at 5 V. This provides an extra 2 dB of improved EVM performance.

The SE2528L includes a digital enable control for device on/off control.

The device is pin for pin compatible to SiGe’s SE2525L, allowing both devices to share the same application board with only a few component changes required. This provides users with both a high and low power solution without changing the layout.

The SE2528L temperature compensated power detector has two selectable power detectors slopes, positive and negative. This allows easy use with multiple chipsets. The detector is also highly immune to mismatch at its output with less than 1.5 dB of variation with a 2:1 mismatch.

Please note: SE2528L-R is being discontinued and is not recommended for new design.


  • Single 3.3 V Supply Operation:
    21 dBm, EVM = 3 %, 802.11g, OFDM 54 Mbps
    24 dBm, ACPR < -32 dBc, 802.11b
  • Dual Supply Operation:
    23 dBm, EVM = 3 %, 802.11g, OFDM 54 Mbps
    25 dBm, ACPR < -32 dBc, 802.11b
  • 33 dB Gain
  • Pin for pin compatible to the SE2525L
  • Selectable Power Detector Slope for use with multiple chipsets (Negative and Positive)
  • Integrated power amplifier enable pin (VEN)
  • Lead Free package, 16 pin 4 mm x 4 mm x 0.9 mm QFN, MSL 1
Data Sheets SE2528L: 2.4 GHz Power Amplifier with Power Detector 202419A.pdf (222 KB)
ProductName : SE2528L
Frequency Range (GHz) : 2.4-2.5
Test Frequency (GHz) : 2.45
Gain Typ. (dB) : 33
Typ. POUT (dBm) :
OIP3 (dBm) :
P1 dB (dBm) : 26.5
Power Added Efficiency (%) :
VDD (V) :
VCC (V) : 3.3
Quiescent Current Typ. (mA) :
Noise Figure Typ. (dB) :
Package : QFN, 16-pin
Package (mm) : 4 x 4 x 0.9
Product Information:
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