5 GHz Power Amplifier with Power Detector

The SE2537L is a 5GHz power amplifier offering high linear power for wireless LAN applications. It incorporates a power detector for closed loop monitoring and control of the output power.

The SE2537L offers extreme integration for a simplified design, providing quicker time to market and higher application board production yield. The device integrates the input match, the inter-stage match, a partial output match, the power detector with 20dB of dynamic range and a 3.2GHz notch filter. Two external components are required to complete the design.

For wireless LAN applications, the device meets the requirements of IEEE802.11a and delivers approximately 19.5dBm of linear output power.

For high performance applications, the SP1,2 ports are available to connect an optional external capacitor to enhance dynamic EVM performance.

The SE2537L bias control establishes the reference voltage required for proper operation and allows enabling and disabling of the power amplifier.

Please note: SE2537L-R is being discontinued and is not recommended for new designs. The suggested replacement is SE5003L1-R1.


  • High output power amplifier 19.5dBm
  • Only 1 external component required
  • Integrated power amplifier enable pin (VEN)
  • Buffered, temperature compensated power detector
  • 3% EVM, @19.5dBm, 64 QAM, 54 Mbps
  • 30 dB Gain
  • Lead Free, Halogen Free and RoHS compliant package
  • 16 pin 3 mm x 3 mm x 0.9 mm QFN
Data Sheets SE2537L: 5 GHz Power Amplifier with Power Detector 202420A.pdf (423 KB)
ProductName : SE2537L
Frequency Range (GHz) : 4.9-5.9
Test Frequency (GHz) : 5.45
Gain Typ. (dB) : 28
OIP3 (dBm) :
P1 dB (dBm) : 25
Power Added Efficiency (%) :
VCC (V) : 3.3
Quiescent Current Typ. (mA) : 150
Noise Figure Typ. (dB) :
Package : QFN, 16-pin
Package (mm) : 3 x 3 x 0.9
Product Information:
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