Power Amplifiers for Cellular / Smartphone Applications-

Axiom’s GSM/GPRS Quad band CMOS Power Amplifiers

Axiom ProductsAxiom Microdevices’ patented technology, deployed in the AX508, allows the use of 0.13um Silicon CMOS process technology to integrate all of the functions between transmitter output and transmit/receive switch. The power gain stages, small signal control circuitry and 50O matching are all realized on a single die.

The AX508 PA amplifies low-level radio frequency (RF) signals to the required high-power levels needed for transmission in GSM/GPRS mobile phone handsets or data modules. The device supports quad-band (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) operation. The integrated 50O input and output matching circuitry enables direct connection to the transceiver output and the transmit/receive switch input without the use of the external matching components. The power level is regulated via a fully integrated closed-loop power controller which ensures that the GSM power/time mask and switching spectrum may be met with adequate margin to allow robust mass production when subjected to a real world cell phone environment, such as highly elevated VSWR and low supply voltage.

The reliability of Axiom’s GSM/GPRS quad band CMOS power amplifier has been proven through thousands of hours of life testing, at accelerated operating conditions, including greater than recommended operating temperature, extended duty cycle, load mismatches of greater than VSWR 10:1 at worst case phase angles, and elevated supply voltages.

Also included in the feature set of Axiom’s GSM/GPRS quad band CMOS power amplifier:

  • GSM/GPRS Class 12 operation
  • Power supply range of 2.9-5.5V
  • RF input range: -2 to 8dBm
  • Fully integrated on chip 50O matching circuits
  • Fully integrated closed-loop power control
  • <100 dB/V Power Control Slope
  • MSL JEDEC Level 2a, lead-free (Pb), RoHS compliant package
  • Low Profile 5x3.5x0.9mm (AX508) Micro Lead Frame package

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