Skyworks Solutions is pleased to now offer two fixed attenuator pad options for Radar, Test & Measurement, high frequency Transceivers and other high performance microwave applications up to 40 GHz. The next generation ATN3590 series offers enhanced RF power handling and attenuation flexibility. The unique ATN3590 die design eliminates the need for RF ground bonds enabling greatly improved Return Loss and Attenuation Flatness across multi-octave bandwidths.

These two product solutions, available in die form, leverage Skyworks extensive design knowledge, technical leadership, manufacturing expertise, and superior quality.

Skyworks' Fixed Attenuator Pad Series are categorized as follows:
  Pad Values Freq. Range 10 dB Atten. Flatness Input Power Ground Connection
ATN3580 1-10, 12,15,20,30,40 DC-40 GHz 1.0 dB (DC-40 GHz) 1W CW Max. Wire Bonds
ATN3590 0-10, 12,15,20,30 DC-40 GHz ?.5 dB (DC-40 GHz) 2W CW Max. Through-Die Vias