We are pleased to announce that in August 2018 Skyworks acquired smart interface innovator Avnera Corporation. Since 2004, Avnera, a private fabless semiconductor supplier, has disrupted the consumer audio market with custom Analog System-on-Chip (ASoC) solutions for audio, voice, speech, sensor and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Through this acquisition, Skyworks enhances its leadership in wireless connectivity by adding ultra-low power analog circuits that are enabling smart interfaces.

Skyworks will continue to partner closely with the world’s most respected brands to deliver circuit and system innovations spanning AI speakers/microphones, virtual assistants, intelligent gaming controllers, vehicle in-dash systems, wired/wireless headsets, home audio platforms and more.


Driving Low Power Circuit Innovations with Custom ASoCs

Our market-specific ASoC solutions combine breakthrough audio/voice analog circuits, highly efficient power management and custom hardware accelerators for smart acoustic signal processing and AI features. This proprietary technology achieves the highest level of integration in the industry and sets a new performance standard for low power consumption and minimal footprint.

Analog Audio / Voice / Speech

Power Management

Radio Frequency (RF)
Signal Processing

Wireless / Wired Interfaces

Mixed Signal


We are currently driving innovation in:

  • Power Management
  • Analog Audio
  • High Speed Analog
  • Mixed Signal
  • RF
  • Digital
  • System Architecture
  • Communication Systems
  • Signal Processing
  • Hardware
  • Embedded Software
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Physical Design
  • Cloud-based Services
  • Form Factor Reference Designs
  • PCBA Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Speaker and Mic Design
  • Acoustic Tuning
  • iOS Development

Learn more about our history of innovation here.


SoC-based Wireless Audio Solutions

  • Industry-leading integration and unmatched wireless system resilience – yielding truly high-fidelity audio at a low total system cost
  • Custom digital radio and communications system that delivers clear, uncompressed, low-latency digital audio

Sound Processors

  • Enable high fidelity speaker systems for home and mobile media applications
  • Integrate high-fidelity, high-efficiency PWM-based amplification technology and modern audio I/O with dedicated microprocessors for application and audio subsystems
  • Deliver unmatched levels of systems integration ensuring end-to-end audio performance
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