Avnera History of Innovation 

Home Audio — 2007

We replaced audio cables with wireless links.

Avnera launched the AudioMagic ASoC. The ASoC introduced breakthrough RF technology with low enough fixed latency and strong enough interference robustness to replace wired solutions.

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Home Theater — 2009

We enabled surround sound and home audio to go wireless.

Avnera launched the AudioMagic2G ASoC, the first single-chip, multi-channel, multi-device and multi-room wireless home theater and whole home audio solution. With latencies of just 5 ms and support for 24 bit, 96 KHz, wires were finally eliminated.

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Home Theater — 2011

We played a key role in replacing HTiBs with Sound Bars.

Avnera's SpeakerMagic ASoC disrupted the HTiB market and drove consumers to sound bars. SpeakerMagic brought to market a sound bar on a single chip. It also incorporated Avnera's breakthrough FlexAmp technology—a development that was critical to ultra-slim sound bars.

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Gaming — 2012

We untethered the gaming headset.

Avnera launched the world’s first single-chip ASoC for gaming headsets. Its strong wireless performance and high degree of customizability made it the de facto standard for wireless gaming headsets. Within a year of launch, headsets grew to the #2 gaming accessory (after controllers).

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Smart Devices — 2014

We enabled smart headsets.

Avnera launched the LightX ASoC, the first universal platform for Bluetooth, Lightning and USB-C headsets, with smart features like Active Noise Cancellation at half the industry-standard power consumption.

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