RF Solutions
Skyworks RF Subsystems

Skyworks family of RF subsystems consist highly integrated transceivers and power amplifiers for GSM, GPRS and EDGE air interfaces in a small form factor.

These high-performance, field-proven RF subsystems allow wireless terminal manufacturers worldwide to significantly reduce the RF footprint and minimize power consumption for next-generation multi-band GPRS handsets and wireless applications.

Typical GPRS RF Subsystem product features:

  • Direct down-conversion receivers that eliminate IF filters
  • Integrated, quad-band LNAs, transmit VCOs, and loop filters
  • Single integrated, fully programmable fractional-N synthesizers
  • Integrated, digital crystal oscillators
  • Quad-band, multi-slot GPRS Class 12 operation
  • Support for GPRS and downlink EDGE standards
  • Direct conversion architectures that eliminate IF conversion stages
  • Compatibility with baseband devices from industry-leading providers
Skyworks RF Subsystems are categorized as follows:
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