Thermal Barrier Coating Materials

Skyworks is the industry leader in technical ceramics materials with over 60 years of experience. In addition to standard YSZ ingots, Skyworks can supply a wide range of second generation thermal barrier coating materials in ingot form or as a spray-dried plasma-sprayable powder. We can also provide a wide variety of custom chemistries including hafnate and zirconate pyrochlores and fluorites.

  • 8YSZ
  • Partially stabilized (tetragonal or cubic) zirconia (Custom Compositions)
  • Partially stabilized (tetragonal or cubic fluorite) hafnia (Custom Compositions)
  • Lanthanide zirconate pyrochlores (Custom Compositions)
  • Lanthanide hafnate pyrochlores (Custom Compositions)
  • Solid solutions of zirconias and hafnias (Custom Compositions)
  • Hot corrosion resistant zirconia: LnInO3 doping (Patent Pending)


  • Highly-Customizable
  • High Performance
  • High Reliability