Automotive - Infotainment & Digital Cockpit Processing Units

Automotive Infotainment and Digital Cockpit Processing Units

Infotainment and digital cockpit processing units provide passenger experience, driver feedback, data processing, and other networking functions. System architectures are transitioning from a traditional head unit design to a digital cockpit, increasing the need for higher bandwidth processing power, data path connectivity, and interconnect speeds to support audio, video, driver feedback, and other user experience functions. To meet this challenge, system designers are adopting higher fidelity audio DSPs, PCIe data buses, and higher speed processor platforms. Some functions may be included that require ASIL rating, so designers must include added levels of functional safety. As architectures evolve, timing becomes a more critical design consideration. The number of reference clocks increases, supporting a wide range of both integer and fractional related frequencies, in single-ended and differential formats, all with tighter jitter performance characteristics. Our AEC-Q100 qualified Si5332 clock generator solutions are ideally suited to provide all single-ended and differential clocks needed in digital cockpit or infotainment system design while providing additional features and functionality not available from standard quartz crystal and oscillator solutions. Let us help you customize a timing solution to provide all the reference clocks needed for audio DSPs, processors, multi-protocol connectivity, and high-speed PCIe data buses.
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  • AEC-Q100 qualified timing solutions for infotainment and digital cockpit processing units

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