Automotive - Lidar, Radar, and Camera Systems

Automotive Lidar, Radar, and Camera Systems

Vehicles classified as Level3, Level4, or Level5 must be fully aware of the surrounding environment, track the status and movement of objects in all directions, and use that information to navigate the vehicle. A combination of lidar, radar, and cameras are used to create short, mid, and long range 3D maps of a vehicle’s environment and surrounding objects. These systems continuously detect and transmit large amounts of real time data via high bandwidth Ethernet to an automated driving central compute platform. The data is processed using sophisticated software algorithms to identify what the objects are, what the trajectory the objects have, how fast they are moving, ultimately forming instantaneous 3D maps of the vehicle’s surrounding in order to make decisions on how to navigate the vehicle.

Car Radar
  • Frequency Flexible, integrated timing solutions

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