390–1500 MHz Low Noise Power Amplifier Driver

Skyworks SKY65045-70LF is a high-performance, ultrawideband Power Amplifier (PA) driver with superior output power, low noise, linearity, and efficiency. The device provides a 1.6 dB Noise Figure (NF) and an output power at 1 dB compression of 25 dBm, making the SKY65045-70LF ideal for use in the driver stage of infrastructure transmit chains. The SKY65045-70LF is fabricated with Skyworks high reliability Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) process. The device uses low-cost Surface Mount Technology (SMT) in the form of a 2.4 x 4.5 mm Small Outline Transistor (SOT-89) package.

The module can operate over the temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C. A populated evaluation board is available upon request.

Please note: SKY65045-70LF is being discontinued and is not recommended for new designs. The suggested replacement are SKY65173-70LF or SKY65162-70LF.


    • Wideband frequency range: 390–1500 MHz
    • Low noise figure: 1.8 dB
    • High linearity: OIP3: 37.5 dBm
    • Output P1 dB: 25 dBm
    • High gain: 14 dB
    • Single DC supply: 5 V
    • On-chip bias circuit
    • SOT-89 (4-pin 2.4 x 4.5 mm) lead (Pb)-free
    • MSL1, 260 °C per JEDEC J-STD-0-20)

Images & Diagrams


    • Frequency Range (GHz)
    • 0.39-1.5
    • Test Frequency (GHz)
    • 0.8975
    • Gain Typ. (dB)
    • 14
    • OIP3 (dBm)
    • 37.5
    • P1 dB (dBm)
    • VDD (V)
    • OP1 dB (dBm)
    • 25
    • Supply Current Typ. (mA)
    • Linear Output Power (dBm)
    • Supply Voltage (V)
    • VCC (V)
    • 5
    • Quiescent Current Typ. (mA)
    • 46
    • Noise Figure Typ. (dB)
    • 1.8
    • Package
    • SOT-89, 4-pin
    • Package (mm)
    • 2.4 x 4.5 x 1.5

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