Si2137/77 5th Generation Silicon TV Tuner ICs

Si21x7 solutions are the 5th generation universal hybrid TV tuners and support digital and analog reception for all worldwide terrestrial and cable TV standards. By combining our proven digital low-IF architecture with a 5th-generation RF front-end, Si21x7 devices maintain the highest performance, exceeding that of MOPLL-based tuners, including industry-leading 2nd order distortion performance. Pin and API compatibility to the previous generation minimize development effort. Si21x7 devices deliver unprecedented integration with no external balun, tracking filters, LNAs, SAW filters or inductive power supply filtering.

Our proprietary and field-proven architecture deliver an optimized BOM and world-class system performance. Options for single or dual supply and internal power-on reset are included. A harmonic rejection mixer delivers outstanding immunity to Wi-Fi and LTE interference, replacing the need for external filtering.

The Si21x7 solutions deliver industry-leading integrated phase noise, exceptional picture quality and a higher number of received stations when compared to other solutions. Incorporating worldwide field experience from four prior tuner generations in mass production, Si21x7 devices deliver the highest tolerance to real-world reception conditions.

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