Si2169 Dual Digital TV Demodulators

The Si2169-D integrates DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X digital demodulators into a single advanced CMOS Si2169-D for next generation terrestrial, cable and satellite TV standards. Leveraging our proven digital demodulation architecture, Si2169-D devices achieve excellent reception performance for each media while significantly minimizing front-end design complexity, cost and power dissipation. Connecting a Si2169-D device to a terrestrial and cable hybrid TV tuner or digital only tuner, such as our Si2177, Si2151 and Si2141 devices, results in a high-performance and cost optimized TV front-end solution.​

Si2169-D devices offer an on-chip blind scanning algorithm for DVB-S2X/S2/S and DVB-C standards, as well as a blind lock subset mode. The DVB-T and DVB-C, including ITU-T J.83 AnnexB, demodulators leverage Si2164/67/69 digital television demodulator field proven technology.

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