Ultra Series™ Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators -VCXO

Our Ultra Series high performance voltage controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO) use our latest 4th generation DSPLL® technology to provide an ultra-low jitter, low phase noise clock at any output frequency up to 3 GHz.The VCXOs include industry-leading phase jitter of 100 fs typical phase jitter and are available with single, dual, quad and I2C programming options. The devices are factory programmed to any frequency from 0.2 to 3000 MHz with < 1 ppb resolution and maintain exceptionally low jitter for both integer and fractional frequencies across their operating range. The device features on-chip power supply filtering, providing excellent power supply noise rejection and simplifying the task of generating low jitter clocks in noisy systems that use switching power supplies. Ultra-low jitter VCXOs are available in industry standard 3.2x5 mm and 5x7 mm footprints and are factory programmed at time of shipment, eliminating long lead times typically associated with custom VCXOs.

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