SkyOne® LiTE

Compact Connectivity for Value Tier, Feature-Rich Smartphones

SkyOne® LiTE is a highly integrated front-end solution created specifically for the next-generation of value-oriented LTE mobile devices. Designed to meet the increasing demand for feature-rich mobile phones that utilize full screen displays, dual cameras and seamless multi-tasking capabilities in a compact form factor, the platform delivers best-in-class transmit and receive performance while reducing the footprint by more than 20 percent. SkyOne® LiTE incorporates advanced power amplifiers, proprietary duplexers and innovative switching technology to support complex carrier aggregation. It also includes a diversity receive front-end module and high linearity antenna switches to further improve functionality and enhance the user experience.
Teen sitting on floor using a smartphone in living room
  • Designed Specifically for the Next Generation of Value-oriented Mobile Devices

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