Evaluation Board for the Synthesizer families

The Si4133/Si4133G synthesizer family evaluation board is a complete, PC-based evaluation platform for the following Silicon Laboratories devices and their derivatives. The board includes all support circuitry necessary to evaluate the synthesizer including a reference clock, SMA connections for external measurement equipment, and an interface to a personal computer for controlling the device. The PC software is a graphical, easy-to-use interface that allows the user to directly enter frequencies, set divider ratios, and toggle power control options by a parallel port connection. A PC and power supply are all that is needed for a complete evaluation system.

For use with Si4112-D-GT, Si4113-D-GT, Si4122-D-GT, Si4123-D-GT, Si4133-D-GT, Si4136-F-GT (24-pin TSSOP devices).

MSRP $225.00


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