Coaxial Resonators

Skyworks offers ceramic coaxial line elements in seven sizes and four dielectric constants to span applications from UHF Frequencies up to 6 GHz. The VHF/UHF frequency bands are traditionally awkward for realizing discrete inductors and capacitors. Metallized ceramics provide an attractive alternative, since the wireless communication market now forces a continuous trade-off between performance and miniaturization.

Skyworks' ceramic solution offers advantages of high Q, reduced size, better shielding, and temperature performance superior to that obtainable from conventional L-C circuits or microstrip construction.

Two types of coaxial resonators are offered by Skyworks, a quarter-wave short (λ/4) and a half-wave open (λ/2). The quarter-wave has thick-film silver applied to one end. The half-wave has both ends un-metallized.

Trans-Tech's four dielectric materials are briefly summarized in the Material Selection chart along with their recommended frequencies of use. The Material Properties Chart can be used to determine the optimum material necessary for an application.


  • Low phase noise VCOs
  • VCO oscillators
  • Duplexer/diplexer filters
  • Band pass/notch filters


    • Frequency Tolerance of 0.5% or 1%
    • Various Dielectric Constants - Er10 to Er90
    • Rugged Construction
    • Low Loss Silver = Higher Qu
    • Act as Parallel Resonant Circuit
    • Circuit Miniaturization
    • Eliminate Microphonics
    • Repeatability of Design
    • Negligible Aging Effects
    • Excellent Solderability
    • Thermal Stabilization

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