MIS Chip Capacitors

Skyworks MIS Chip Capacitors are available in a wide range of sizes and capacitance values. They are frequently used in applications requiring DC blocking, and RF bypassing, or as a fixed capacitance tuning element in filters, oscillators, and matching networks. The devices have a dielectric composed of thermally grown silicon dioxide over which a layer of silicon nitride is deposited. This dielectric possesses a low temperature coefficient of capacitance, very high insulation resistance. The devices also exhibit excellent long term stability making them suitable for high reliability applications. The capacitors have a high dielectric breakdown which permits the use of thin dielectrics resulting in larger capacitance per unit area than our previous catalog offerings. The temperature coefficient is less that 50 ppm/ °C, and operation is suitable from -65 °C to 200 °C. Compared to ceramic capacitors, Skyworks MIS chip capacitors offer higher Q, and a lower insertion loss of 0.04 dB, in a 50 Ohm system. Insulation resistance is greater than 105M Ohm. To accommodate high volume automated assembly methods, wafers can be supplied on expanded film frame. To reduce cost, chips can be supplied with only sample testing packaged in vials. Packaging in waffle packs with 100% electrical test and visual inspection is available if required.

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Capacitance Value (pF) ±20%1000
Size (mils)68 x 68


  • Readily Available From Stock
  • High Reliability Silicon Oxide-Nitride Dielectric
  • Low Loss - V Typically 0.04 dB in a 50 Ohm System
  • Operation through 26 GHz
  • Wide Temperature Operation

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