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AI is going to generate a tremendous amount of processing power.
“We have a very good view of where we see over the next few months and the next few years. And I will tell you that, the opportunity for us is vibrant and compelling. Bringing in AI, it’s going to happen. It’s going to change the game. It’s great for us because we’re the company that knows how to make that work.”
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Advanced Solutions for Driving and Protecting Power Switches
In the May 2022 issue of Power Electronics News, Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio describes how Skyworks' new switch devices can make a difference automotive, industrial/motor control, and power supply/solar.
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Clamping Down on Failure: Protecting 24 V Digital Outputs
In this EE Journal Chalk Talk episode, Amelia Dalton chats with Asa Kirby from Skyworks about an innovative new isolated smart switch device from Skyworks that gives you an unprecedented level of channel flexibility and protection, letting you offer customers a truly “set it and forget it” solution when it comes to your next PLC design.
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How To Use The Latest SiC And GaN Switch Technology To Design Safe And Reliable EV Systems
The latest Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) power switches make EV systems smaller, lighter, and more efficient. However, these new switch technologies require additional protection to operate safely and reliably.
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Power Electronics at APEC 2022: What’s Next?
Skyworks' Si828x isolated gate drivers featured at APEC 2022.
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CEO sees supply chain improvements: Chipmaker will 'rip and roar' in 2022
CEO Liam K. Griffin tells Jim Cramer on CNBC's Mad Money as they discuss 2022 business outlook
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Skyworks Honored for "GPS-based Solution of the Year"
Skyworks, SKY55950-11 and SKY55951-11 front-end modules (FEM) for GNSS IoT Applications are awards for GPS-based Solution of the Year.
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5 Biggest Beneficiaries of 5G Rollout
Watch what Jim Cramer from CNBC's Mad Money says about Skyworks being one of several companies that stands to gain from the rollout of 5G.
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Skyworks Honored for "IoT Semiconductor Product of the Year"
Skyworks' SKY66430-11 Mobile IoT system-in-package was named "IoT Semiconductor Product of the Year" by IoT Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global IoT market. This award follows our recent accolades from Mobile Breakthrough for "GPS-based Solutions of the Year" and "Small Cell Technology Innovation of the Year".
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Skyworks Recognized as Top Workplace for 11th Straight Year
Skyworks is honored to be named as an OC Register Top Workplace for the 11th year in a row based on results from a confidential third-party survey of its employees. Over 24,000 employees from 196 companies participated in the 2018 survey and only a limited number of companies have made the list each year since inception.
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Skyworks Named to Wall Street Journal's Management Top 250
Skyworks was recently ranked #129 in the Wall Street Journal's second annual Management Top 250 list of best managed companies. More than 750 publicly-traded companies were evaluated in a Drucker Institute study based on five areas of performance: customer satisfaction, employee engagement and development, innovation, social responsibility and financial strength.
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Skyworks Wins Two Mobile Breakthrough Awards
Skyworks recently received top honors from Mobile Breakthrough in two product categories: our family of advanced GNSS low-noise amplifier front-end modules were named "GPS-based Solutions of the Year" and our highly-efficient family of small cell power amplifiers received the "Small Cell Technology Innovation of the Year". Mobile Breakthrough recognizes the world's best mobile and wireless companies, products and people based on selections from an independent panel of experts within the wireless industry. Over 2,200 nominations for cutting-edge technology were submitted.
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Forbes Top 100 Digital Companies
Skyworks was recently named to Forbes' Top 100 Digital Companies list. The 2018 list is Forbes' inaugural ranking of the top publicly-traded IT, hardware, media, digital retail and telecommunication companies that shape the digital world. Companies were evaluated on a variety of factors including sales, profits, asset growth and performance of the stock over the past year.
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Boston Business Journal Covers Skyworks' Acquisition of Avnera
The Boston Business Journal recently featured a story on Skyworks' acquisition of Avnera. Read more to learn how voice is increasingly becoming the primary interface for IoT applications and how Skyworks plans to capitalize on new opportunities.
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Skyworks Featured in "3 Stocks That Could Help You Benefit From the 5G Revolution"
An article by Motley Fool discusses how Skyworks is preparing for and can benefit from the 5G rollout with its family of Sky5™ solutions supporting 5G wireless communications across the mobile and IoT ecosystems.
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Liam Griffin Provides a "View from the Top" in Microwave Product Digest Interview
CEO Liam Griffin was recently featured in an interview with MPD where he answers questions about 5G, the future of RF and microwave technologies and increasing opportunities across the Internet of Things and the defense industry.
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Skyworks CTO Peter Gammel Discusses 5G with Microwaves & RF
CTO Peter Gammel was recently featured in Microwaves & RF where he answers questions about the 5G roadmap and how Skyworks is addressing this next generation standard.
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Skyworks CEO Liam Griffin Returns to CNBC's "Mad Money"
CEO Liam Griffin met with Jim Cramer from CNBC's Mad Money to discuss the overall strength of Mobile and Internet of Things ecosystems, how 5G will solve the world's digital traffic jam and Skyworks' ability to address the growing technology requirements to connect billions of people.
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Skyworks Named to Fortune's 2017 List of 100 Fastest-Growing Companies
For the third year in a row, Skyworks was recognized as one of Fortune's 100 Fastest-Growing Companies. Skyworks ranked 47th on the 2017 list. Results were based on three-year performance across revenue, profits and stockholder returns.
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Microwave Journal Article on Skyworks Small Cell Solutions
Skyworks' article on small cells entitled "Small (Cell) Steps to 5G Evolution" was recently featured in Microwave Journal. This informative article discusses the importance of small cell networks for enabling 5G applications and how Skyworks' high efficiency power amplifiers play a critical role.
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America's Top Public Companies
Skyworks was named to Forbes' list of America's Top Public Companies (#403) in 2017. The list was based on a composite score from equally-weighted measures of revenue, profits, assets and market value as of March 31, 2017 closing prices and common shares outstanding.
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CTO Peter Gammel Discusses 5G with Microwave Journal
Peter Gammel was recently interviewed by Microwave Journal where he discussed the latest outlook on 5G and how Skyworks is addressing this next generation standard.
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Liam Griffin Interviewed on CNBC "Mad Money"
Liam Griffin returned as a guest to CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer after Skyworks' recent earnings call. During the interview they discussed what drove Skyworks' strong results, the industry's move toward mobility and Internet of Things ecosystems, as well as how the connectivity revolution in the connected home and other markets is being enabled by solutions from Skyworks.
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Herald & Review Ranks Skyworks #13 of the 50 Fastest-Growing S&P 500 Companies
Skyworks was recently listed in Herald & Review's 50 fastest growing S&P 500 companies. The results were based on compounded annual growth rates between 2013 and 2015.
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OC Register Feature Story on Skyworks
Skyworks was recently featured in the OC Register as a tech company 'exceeding expectations.' The article outlines Skyworks' latest accomplishments and status as a top workplace in the county.
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Skyworks Recognized as Outstanding Public Technology Company of the Year by OC Tech Alliance
The Orange County Technology Alliance recently named Skyworks as the Outstanding Public Technology Company for 2016! The organization honors businesses and entrepreneurs fostering innovation and growth in the technology-rich landscape of Orange County. Skyworks was privileged to be among other thriving businesses and innovators that demonstrate the depth and breadth of the high-tech ecosystem. Liam Griffin accepted on Skyworks' behalf.
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Skyworks' CEO Liam Griffin on CNBC's "Mad Money"
CEO Liam Griffin recently appeared on CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer to discuss a variety of industry topics including the mobile internet ecosystem, long-term growth prospects, consolidation and the billions of connections yet to be made — all being enabled by solutions from Skyworks.
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Skyworks Named One of America's 15 Fastest Growing Companies
According to 24/7 Wall Street, a financial news service, Skyworks is one of America's 15 fastest growing companies! Skyworks ranked #10 on the list, which was based on a review of the most recent three-year annual revenue changes of S&P 500 companies. Other notables from the mobile ecosystem included Facebook and Netflix.
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Liam Griffin on Bloomberg Television
Skyworks Solutions President and CEO Liam Griffin met with Emily Chang from "Bloomberg West" to discuss the state of the semiconductor market and consolidation in the industry.
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Five Minutes With Peter Gammel, CTO, Skyworks
RF has been and continues to be a mystery to most design engineers. And that's okay, as long as the RF providers understand that...
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Skyworks Named to Fortune's List of 100 Fastest Growing Companies
Skyworks ranked 15th in Fortune's list of 100 Fastest Growing Companies based on the top three-year performers in revenues, profits, and stock returns.
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