Ferrites and Magnetic Materials

Available Grades
A selection of magnetic ceramic substrates are available in three standard surface finish grades with custom specifications provided on request.

Grade 4: Fine Matte 4-8 µ"
Designed for thin film MIC applications that require superior surface perfection and flatness. Grade 4 substrates are also 100% inspected for all important parameters.

Grade 2: Lapped <16>
Designed for both thick and thin film MIC applications where cost is a consideration, yet controlled electrical and mechanical properties are required.

Grade 1: Surface Ground <32>
Designed for thick film MIC application where cost is a consideration and surface perfection is not required. Other materials, surface finishes, and thicknesses may be requested and should be specified on the drawing.


  • Wide Selection of 4πMs
  • Small Size, Weight, and Height
  • Frequency Design
  • 200 MHz/100 GHz
  • No Connectors
  • No Housing
  • Ease of Integration with Dielectric Substrate
  • Wide Selection of 4πMs Values
  • Low Loss
  • Smooth and Flat Surfaces
  • High Density

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