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High Performance Filters

  • Advanced Technologies Enabling Next-Gen Connectivity Devices

From High to Low, We’ve Got You Covered!

Skyworks’ capabilities have reached new heights.  With the addition of BAW (Bulk Acoustic Wave), we now cover a spectrum of filtering technologies − all in house − to deliver cutting-edge solutions powering today’s high performance connectivity platforms.

From the joint-venture-turned-acquisition of Panasonic Filter Solutions, we’ve leveraged decades of experience to expand our state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing prowess.  By adding BAW filters, our total addressable market in mobile significantly expands and positions us to support a wider array of customers, markets, and applications. Since 2015, Skyworks has produced more than 11 billion filters.

TC-SAW (Temperature Compensated Surface Acoustic Wave) is a traditional lower frequency process where the waves travel across the surface of the filter. Our industry-leading TC-SAW filters increase the temperature stability to enable higher performance in the crowded RF spectrum.

BAW utilizes the vertical structure of the filter to create higher performance resonators. This technology is particularly beneficial for next-generation wireless standards, including Wi-Fi and 5G, as it provides better rejection, higher Q and support for the higher frequencies of these bands.

Our high performance filters are incorporated across multiple platforms − including our breakthrough Sky5® family − accelerating the deployment of 5G solutions for today’s connected world.