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High-reliability RF and Opto Solutions

For Defense and Space Applications

With over 33 years serving the Hi-Rel market, Skyworks offers diverse in-house technical expertise and compliance with AS9100D and ISO 9001 for the traditional deep space and the new space LEO constellation markets. The Skyworks Aerospace and Defense team delivers custom and catalog high-reliability Optocoupler and RF solutions. Speak with our sales team today.

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OLC Series

The OLC049 / OLC249 / OLC449 are specifically designed for large satellite constellation applications that require optical isolation in radiation environments such as gamma, neutron, and proton radiation with a high Current Transfer Ratio (CTR) and low saturation VCE. Each optocoupler consists of an LED and N-P-N silicon phototransistor that is electrically isolated, but optically coupled inside a nonhermetic, four-pin Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC) package.

Electrical parameters are similar to the JEDEC registered 4N49 optocoupler, but with better current transfer ratio (CTR) degradation characteristics due to radiation exposure. Special electrical parametric selections are available upon request.

Limiter Diodes


Skyworks' CLA series consists of ten individual chip designs of different intrinsic region base widths and capacitances designed to accommodate multi-stage limiter applications. The mesa-constructed, thin base width, low capacitance CLA4601 series are designed for low-level and cleanup applications.


The CLA4603-203 is a silicon limiter diode that provides passive receiver protection over a wide range of frequencies from 100 MHz to over 20 GHz. These devices use a well-established silicon technology resulting in high resistivity and tightly controlled base width PIN limiter diodes. Limiter circuits using these devices perform with strong limiting action and low loss. making it ideal for GPS & GNSS applications

OLS Series


The OLS249 consists of an LED that is optically coupled to an N-P-N silicon phototransistor, which is mounted and coupled in a custom hermetic surface mount technology (SMT) leadless chip carrier (LCC) package. The low input current makes the OLS249 well-suited for direct Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) to Low Power Schottky Transistor-Transistor Logic (LSTTL) / TTL interfaces.


The OLS910 consists of a pair of LEDs that are optically coupled to a dielectrically isolated photovoltaic diode array, packaged in a small hermetic leadless chip carrier (LCC). When the LED is energized, the infrared emission is detected by the photovoltaic array and a DC output voltage is generated. This electrically isolated voltage can be used to drive the gates of Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) devices.

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