Hermetically Sealed Cascadable Amplifier for High-Reliability Space and Military Applications

Skyworks SKYH22002 is a general-purpose broadband amplifier fabricated from the Skyworks InGaP HBT process.

The device’s 50 Ω input and output impedance allow it to be easily cascaded without external impedance matching networks. The typical -3 dB bandwidth of the SKYH22002 is 0.1 to 6 GHz.


Product LifecycleSamples Only
Frequency Range (GHz)0.1 - 6
Test Frequency (GHz)
Gain Typ. (dB)
OIP3 (dBm)
OP1 dB (dBm)
Supply Current Typ. (mA)
Noise Figure Typ. (dB)
PackageQFP, 14-pin
Package (mm)7 x 7 x 0.635


  • High-reliability Space and Military grade screening
  • Operating frequency: 0.1 to 6 GHz
  • Internally matched, input and output
  • Small signal gain: 20 dB typical @ 2 GHz
  • High OIP3: +34 dBm typical
  • OP1dB: +20 dBm typical @ 2 GHz
  • Input and output impedance: 50 Ω nominal
  • Single positive DC supply voltage
  • Packaging: ceramic hermetic QFP 14-pin 7 x 7 x 0.635 mm

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