CDC7631 Series

Zero Bias Silicon Schottky Barrier Detector Diodes

Skyworks series of packaged, beam-lead and chip zero bias Schottky barrier detector diodes are designed for applications through K band. The choice of barrier metal and process techniques results in a diode with a wide selection of video impedance ranges.

The packaged diodes are suitable for use in waveguide, coaxial and stripline applications. The beam-lead and chip diodes can also be mounted in a variety of packages.

Unmounted beam-lead diodes are especially well suited for use in MIC applications. Mounted beam-lead diodes can be easily used in MIC, stripline and other such circuitry.

A complete line of chips is shown for those MIC applications where the chip and wire approach is more desirable.

CDC7631 Series includes CDC7631-203 and CDC7631-207.


    • High Sensitivity
    • Low Video Impedance

Images & Diagrams


    • Frequency Band
    • Min. TSS (dBm)
    • -56
    • Barrier
    • ZBD
    • Junction Type
    • P
    • CJ (pF)
    • 0.15
    • Min. E0 (mV)
    • 15
    • VF @ 1 mA (mV)
    • 150-300
    • ZV (Ω)
    • 5000-15000
    • VB (V)
    • 2
    • RT (Ω)
    • 80
    • RV @ 0 Bias (Ω)
    • 7.2