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Innovation with Scale and Speed

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Working towards our vision of Connecting Everyone and Everything, All the Time, Skyworks innovates and designs semiconductor solutions for the connected world. Our global scale spans 18 design centers, 15 sales offices and 6 manufacturing sites. 

Skyworks’ products demand the most complex RF processes and packaging technologies in extremely high volumes. Skyworks vertically integrates world-class internal manufacturing for technologies where we create a unique competitive advantage and enters into alliances and strategic relationships with leading supplier partners for critical capabilities that are more available industry-wide. This approach allows us to focus our manufacturing and technology investments in ways that deliver the best solutions to our customers. Further, our scale, coupled with our ability to remain agile and flexible, contribute to our success in achieving the industry’s shortest cycle times, highest yields, and ultimately, the lowest cost structure.

Skyworks’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities employ multiple technologies and operate at the highest standards to deliver billions of units per year to our customers – either as individual components, modules or highly integrated solutions.

On average, we assemble 10 million multi-chip modules (MCMs) per day, as well as test and ship over 20 million products per day.

Manufacturing Excellence


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for the production of compound semiconductor wafers.

Technologies: HBT, BiFET, and BiHEMT Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) wafer fabrication


Our manufacturing facility for the production of switches, control devices, amplifiers and silicon wafers.

Technologies: HBT, BiFET, BiHEMT and PHEMT Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and silicon diode wafer fabrication

Home of our world-class assembly services for semiconductor solutions including modules, RF chip-scale and BGA packages; and state-of-the-art facility for test and finishing services for all Skyworks devices. 

Technologies: Multi-chip, flip chip, stacked and double-sided laminate packaging, multi-site high speed RF testing

Our Kadoma and Osaka facilities are home to the development and manufacturing of our high performance filters. 

Technologies: TC-SAW, BAW

Our manufacturing and development site of our high performance filters.

Technologies: TC-SAW, BAW

Global Supply Chain

As a global organization, Skyworks is supported by an extensive supply chain network. Our tier-one supply chain spans 17 countries and multiple regions, with 20 subcontracted product assembly facilities and 131 finished goods materials suppliers.