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Clock Buffers

Our clock buffers provide ultra-low additive jitter and low skew clock distribution. With a wide portfolio of buffer products, fixed-function differential and CMOS, universal clock buffers, as well as automotive grade buffers, our universal clock buffers support any in/out signal format and integrate both clock mixing and division to further simplify clock tree design.

Featured Clock Buffers

Clock Buffers Documents

Brochure Timing Solutions Product Selector Guide timing-selector-guide.pdf
Application Notes AN408: Termination Options for Any-Frequency, Any-Output Clock Generators and Clock Buffers AN408.pdf
Application Notes AN766: Understanding and Optimizing Clock Buffer's Additive Jitter Performance AN766.pdf
Application Notes AN874: Cascading Two Si53112 Buffers AN874.pdf
White Paper Addressing Timing Challenges in 6G-SDI Applications Addressing-Timing-Challenges-in-6G-SDI-Applications.pdf
White Paper Choosing the Optimal Internal or External Clocking Solution for FPGA-Based Designs choose-optimal-clock-solution-fpga-based-designs.pdf
White Paper Innovative DSPLL® and MultiSynth Clock Architecture Enables High-Density 10/40/100G Line Card Designs DSPLL-MultiSynth-Clock-Architecture.pdf
White Paper How to Select the Right PLL-based Oscillator for Your Timing Application How-to-Select-the-Right-PLL-based-Oscillator-for-Your-Timing-Application.pdf
White Paper Timing ICs Keep Beat with Needs of Today’s Embedded Market Timing-ICs-Keep-Beat-with-Needs-of-Todays-Embedded-Market.pdf
White Paper Automotive Electronics Clock Tree Design Considerations automotive-electronics-clock-tree-design-consideration.pdf
White Paper 时钟树设计原则 clock-tree-design-considerations-cn.pdf
White Paper 時脈樹設計原則 clock-tree-design-considerations-tw.pdf