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  • Transcending the Hyper Connected World


Wireless connectivity is exploding on a global basis. The extraordinary need for faster speeds, increased bandwidth and capacity, significantly lower latency, and more reliable and secure wireless connectivity has never been more pronounced.

The transition from 4G to 5G is now underway with 3.5 billion mobile 5G subscriptions expected globally by the end of 2026. 5G is dramatically altering the world, creating a market for diverse and transformative applications, and changing how individuals live, work, play, and learn. At the same time, connectivity is expanding into an adjacent set of IoT markets. From smart homes to the smart grid and from industrial to wearables, the number of connected devices is rapidly proliferating.

Let Skyworks help you implement its innovative analog and RF solutions and ensure that your products are among the billions of devices that will be intelligently connected.

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