IoT - Connected Home

Skyworks market-leading solutions provide the foundation for a vibrant connected home ecosystem, resolving the daunting analog and RF complexities that challenge the capabilities of existing hardware and networks. IoT smart home products allow homeowners greater control over their environment with a host of connected devices including entertainment such as with gaming, audio, video and home theater as well as thermostats, security systems, touch pads, security sensors, light switches, smoke and CO alarms, major appliances and door locks.

Our wireless solutions support global and regional variants of ISM-900, ISM-2400 (2.4 GHz), ISM 5-6 GHz, and 3GPP frequency band components supporting multiple protocols such as Wi-Fi (802.11), Wi-SUN, Zigbee®, Thread, Matter and Bluetooth® (including low energy), deliver advanced short- and long-range connectivity—making the connected home that much smarter. Skyworks' high-performance front-end modules (FEM) and discrete components combine multiple RF functions in efficient miniature packages with low-leakage and higher efficiency for long-life, cost-optimized product solutions.


Brochure Automotive Solutions Automotive-Solutions.pdf
Application Notes AN1212: Advanced Load Driving Considerations for Skyworks Smart Switches an1212-smart-switch-adv-load-driving.pdf
Application Notes AN1306: Driving SiC MOSFET Switches Using the Si828x Isolated Gate Driver an1306-si828x-driving-sic-mosftets.pdf
Application Notes AN871: Driving Long PCIe Clock Lines an871-driving-long-pcie-clock-lines.pdf
Application Notes AN951: Driving Long Traces on PCIe Backplanes for Simple Evaluation AN951.pdf