50-600 MHz, 6 dB 100 Ω Differential Digital Attenuator

The SKY12408-321LF is a GaAs pHEMT two-bit attenuator I/C. The device is provided in a 3 x 3 mm 12-pin Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) package.

The SKY12408-321LF is particularly suited for 100 Ω differential systems for which high attenuation accuracy, low insertion loss, and low intermodulation products are required.

The attenuator’s differential input and output impedance is 100 Ω. The device is controlled by two positive DC voltage control pins. The differential attenuator paths are controlled together and can be in either an insertion loss or a 6 dB attenuation state. In a differential system, the attenuator presents a 100 Ω impedance, but can be used as two single-ended attenuators, each with a 50 Ω impedance.

Please note: SKY12408-321LF is being discontinued and is not recommended for new designs.


Product LifecycleLast Time Buy
Control Bits/ Interface Parallel/Serial2/P
Frequency (GHz) Min.0.05
Frequency (GHz) Max.0.6
LSB Attenuation (dB)6
Attenuation Range (dB)6
Typ. IL (dB)0.3
Typ. IIP3 (dBm)49
Typ. IP1 dB (dBm)34
PackageQFN, 12L
Package (mm)3 x 3 x 0.75


  • Dual, positive voltage operation: 0/1.8-5.0 V
  • High bit accuracy: ±0.3 dB @ 200 MHz
  • Low insertion loss: 0.3 dB @ 200 MHz
  • Absorptive in 100 Ω differential systems
  • Small, QFN (12-pin, 3 x 3 mm) package (MSL1, 260 °C per JEDEC J-STD-020)

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