1.6A Lithium-Ion/Polymer Battery Charger in 2.2x2.2 TDFN

The AAT3693 BatteryManager™ is a highly integrated single-cell lithium-ion/polymer (Li-Ion) battery charger which operates from a USB port, or an AC adapter input up to 7.5V input voltage. The AAT3693 precisely regulates battery charge voltage and current for 4.2V Li-Ion battery cells. The battery charging current can be set by an external resistor up to 1.6A. Digital Thermal Loop Control maintains the maximum possible battery charging current for the given set of input to output power dissipation and ambient temperature conditions.

Battery charge state is continuously monitored for fault conditions. In the event of an over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit, or over-temperature condition, the device will shut down automatically, thus protecting the charging device, control system, and the battery under charge. A status monitor output pin is provided to indicate the battery charge status by directly driving an external LED. An open-drain power source detection output is provided to report the power supply status. With the "No-Battery Detection" circuit integrated, the status LEDs indicate that the battery is not present or not properly installed.

The AAT3693 is available in the Pb-free, thermally enhanced, space-saving 2.2x2.2mm 10-pin TDFN packages and is specified for operation over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

Please note: AAT3693 is being discontinued and is not recommended for new designs.


  • USB or AC Adapter System Power Charger
  • Programmable from 100mA to 1.6A max
  • 4.0V ~ 7.5V Input Voltage Range
  • High Level of Integration with Internal:
  • Charging Device
  • Reverse Blocking Diode
  • Current Sensing
  • Digitized Thermal Regulation
  • Charge Current Programming (ISET)
  • Charge Termination Current Programming (TERM)
  • Charge Timer (CT)
  • Battery Temperature Sensing (TS)
  • No-Battery Detection
  • TS Pin Open Detection
  • Automatic Recharge Sequencing
  • Full Battery Charge Auto Turn Off/Sleep Mode/Charge Termination
  • Shutdown Current < 6μA
  • Automatic Trickle Charge for Battery Preconditioning
  • Over-Voltage and Over-Current Protection
  • Emergency Thermal Protection
  • Power On Reset and Soft Start
  • 2.2x2.2 TDFN Package

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