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Skyworks ICE™ FEMs

As Wi-Fi standards continue to evolve, more Wi-Fi radios and Front-End Modules are required to meet the insatiable demand for high-speed connectivity. At the same time, small form-factor industrial designs present significant thermal challenges. To dissipate the heat generated by these high-performance Wi-Fi systems often housed in small industrial form factors, manufacturers were previously forced to compromise between performance, the cost of thermal management, size and design aesthetic. Leveraging Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) innovations, Skyworks has introduced its truly differentiated Skyworks ICE™ (Incredible Current & Efficiency) front-end modules. These devices feature substantial improvements in processing speed, latency and reduce power consumption by up to 30%.

Read the full press release here: Skyworks Partners with Broadcom to Deliver Unprecedented Power Efficiency for Next-Generation Wi-Fi 6/6E Devices
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