SMS7630 Series       

Surface Mount Mixer and Detector Schottky Diodes

These low-cost, surface mountable, plastic packaged silicon mixer Schottky diodes are designed for RF and microwave mixers and detectors. They include low barrier diodes and zero-bias detectors that combine Skyworks advanced semiconductor technology with low-cost packaging techniques. All diodes are 100 percent DC tested and deliver tight parameter distribution, which minimizes performance variability.

These diodes are available in SC-70, SC-79, SC-88, SOD-323, SOT-23, SOT-143, and LGA packages. Wiring configurations include singles, common cathode, series pairs, unconnected pairs, and dual series pairs. They may be used at frequencies up to 10 GHz.



Data Sheet

Surface Mount Mixer and Detector Schottky Diodes

Surface_Mount_Schottky_Diodes_200041X.pdf (852 KB)
Product Brief

PIN, Limiter, Schottky, Varactor Diodes - Select Diodes Available From Stock for Prototype or High Volume Production

BRO387_11B.pdf (918 KB)
Application Note

APN1014: A Level Detector Design for Dual-Band GSM-PCS Handsets

APN1014_200324B.pdf (419 KB)
Application Note

Solder Reflow Information

Solder_Reflow_Info_200164C.pdf (109 KB)
Designer Info

SMS7630-079LF: S Parameters (106 KB)
Last Time Buy

Product Discontinuance Notification (SMS7630-075, SMS7630-075LF)

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