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Silicon Limiter Diodes, Packaged and Bondable Chips

Skyworks CLA series of silicon limiter diodes provides passive receiver protection over a wide range of frequencies from 100 MHz to over 30 GHz. These devices use Skyworks wellestablished silicon technology resulting in high resistivity and tightly controlled base width PIN limiter diodes. Limiter circuits using these devices perform with strong limiting action and low loss.

The CLA series consists of nine individual chip designs of different intrinsic region base widths and capacitances designed to accommodate multi-stage limiter applications. The mesaconstructed, thin base width, low capacitance CLA4601-000, CLA4602-000, CLA4604-000, and CLA4605-000 are designed for low-level and cleanup applications. The CLA4603-000 and CLA4606-000 through CLA4608-000 are planar designs designated for high-power and mid-range applications.

The CLA4609-000 thick base width mesa diode is designed for coarse limiter-stage applications.


  • Established Skyworks limiter diode process
  • High power, mid-range, and cleanup designs
  • Low insertion loss: 0.1 dB @ 10 GHz
  • Peak power handling to +74 dBm
  • Ultra low spike leakage power
  • Tight control of I layer base width
  • Mesa and planar chip designs
Data Sheets CLA Series: Silicon Limiter Diodes, Packaged and Bondable Chips CLA_Series_200100U.pdf (448 KB)
Product Brief Limiter Diodes Product Brief BRO372_11B.pdf (1417 KB)
Application Notes Waffle Pack Chip Carrier Handling/Opening Procedure 200146A.pdf (94 KB)
Application Notes Quality/Reliability 200149C.pdf (300 KB)
Application Notes PIN Limiter Diodes in Receiver Protectors 200480C.pdf (269 KB)
Application Notes ESD Compliance Testing and Recommended Protection Circuits for GaAs Devices 200818B.pdf (114 KB)
Application Notes Diode Chips, Beam-Lead Diodes, Capacitors: Bonding Methods and Packaging Bond_Methods_and_Pkg_App_Note_200532B.pdf (358 KB)
Designer Info CLA4604-219: S parameters CLA4604_219_shunt_config_2_port_S_PAR_0dBm.s2p (77 KB)
ProductName : CLA4604-000
VB IR = 10 µA (V) Min to Max : 30-60
Nominal I-region (µm) : 2.0
Typ. CJ @ 0 V
(pF) :
Max. CJ @ 6 V (pF) : 0.10
Typ. TL @ 10 mA (ns) : 7
Max. RS @ 10 mA (Ω) : 2.5
_Thermal Impedance_ Typical (°C/W) : 139
_Thermal Impedance_ Typ. 1 µs Pulse 0.01% Duty Cycle (°C/W) Typical : 0.40
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