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DME, DMF, DMJ Series: Silicon Beam-Lead Schottky Mixer Diodes—Singles, Pairs and Quads Bondable and Packaged Chips

Skyworks beam-lead silicon Schottky barrier mixer diodes are designed for applications through 40 GHz. The beam-lead design reduces the problem of bonding to the very small area characteristic of the low capacitance junctions.

Beam-lead Schottky barrier mixer diodes are made by the deposition of a suitable barrier metal on an epitaxial silicon substrate to form the junction. The process and choice of materials result in low series resistance with a narrow spread of capacitance values for close impedance control.

A variety of forward voltages are available, ranging from low values for low, or starved, local oscillator drive levels to high values for high drive, low distortion mixer applications. Beam-lead diodes are available in a wide range of packages. Capacitance ranges and series resistances are comparable with the packaged devices that are available through K-band. Unpackaged diodes are well suited for use in microwave integrated circuits. The packaged devices are designed to be inserted as hybrid elements in strip, transmission line applications. Beam-lead Schottky barrier diodes are categorized by universal mixer applications in four frequency ranges: S, X, Ku and Ka bands. They may also be used as modulators and high-speed switches.

Beam-lead diodes are suited for balanced mixers, due to their low parasitics and uniformity. A typical VF vs. IF curve is shown in Figure 1. Typical noise figures vs. LO drive is shown in Figure 2 for single N-type, low drive diode types.


  • Low 1/f noise
  • Low intermodulation distortion
  • Epoxy and hermetically sealed packages
  • SPC controlled wafer fabrication
Data Sheets DME, DMF, DMJ Series: Silicon Beam-Lead Schottky Mixer Diodes V Singles, Pairs & Quads, Bondable & Packaged Chips DME_DMF_DMJ_Series_203261B.pdf (1189 KB)
Application Notes Quality/Reliability 200149C.pdf (300 KB)
Application Notes ESD Compliance Testing and Recommended Protection Circuits for GaAs Devices 200818B.pdf (114 KB)
Application Notes Mixer and Detector Diodes 200826A.pdf (458 KB)
Application Notes Handling Precautions for Schottky Barrier Mixer and Detector Diodes 200840A.pdf (71 KB)
Application Notes Diode Chips, Beam-Lead Diodes, Capacitors: Bonding Methods and Packaging Bond_Methods_and_Pkg_App_Note_200532B.pdf (358 KB)
ProductName : DMJ2209 Series
Frequency Band : X
CJ 0 V, 1 MHz (pF) : 0.15-0.30
Max. RS IF = 5 mA (Ω) : 8
Min. VB @ 10 µA (V) : 4
VF @ 1 mA (mV) : 550-650
Drive Level : High
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