Sky5 Platform
Innovative Sky5® Platform

Sky5® is Skyworks' unifying platform that is empowering revolutionary 5G applications. Our unprecedented Sky5® suite of highly flexible and customizable system solutions provide breakthrough performance, footprint and power efficiency transforming the way we live, work, play and educate.

Sky5® includes highly integrated, high performance transmit/receive front-end solutions as well as diversity receive (DRx) modules. Specifically designed for new spectrum in the sub-6 GHz range, these products offer a MIPI® interface, are baseband agnostic and comply with 3GPP standards.


Sky5® Ultra
Advanced Solutions for 5G Applications


Sky5® LiTE
Regionally Optimized 5G Solutions


Empowering the 5G Revolution
Sky5® Solutions
Part Number Description
SSky5®–8255 Dual chain N77/N79 ultra-high band power amplifier with integrated low noise amplifier and filters (LPAMiF)
Sky5®–8254 N41 high band power amplifier with integrated filter (PAMiF)
Sky5®–8265 Mid/High band power amplifier with integrated low noise amplifier and duplexers (LPAMiD) with DSBGA packaging
Sky5®–8211 Low band LPAMiD
Sky5®–8212 Low band LPAMiD with DSBGA packaging
Sky5®–8091-11 Low band 4G/5G power amplifier module with four integrated duplexers (PAMiD) and 2G support
Sky5®–8095-11 Mid/High PAMiD with eight integrated duplexers/filters
Sky5®–8096-11 Mid/High PAMiD with nine integrated duplexers/filters and antenna swap functionality
Sky5®–3728 Ultra high band N77/79 DRx/MIMO module with SRS support
Sky5®–3735 Low/Mid/High band diversity receive (DRx) module
Sky5®–9269-702LF SP4T 80v aperture tuning and RF distribution switch

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