RF Solutions
EDGE Transceiver

The low Intermediate Frequency (IF) receive architecture incorporates digital back-end filtering. Analog signals are converted into a digital representation suitable for Digital Signal Processor (DSP) operations. The timing and control section of the SKY74218 generates a 26 MHz high-stability clock for use onchip and a 26 MHz signal (SYSCLK) supplied to the baseband. Three additional reference clocks are also available. The device also generates a number of internal General Purpose Inputs/Outputs (GPIOs) used for timing and control, and an analog signal to control the PA output power.

The EDGE Transceivers Feature:

  • Direct connection to a single cell Lithium-ion battery with no required external regulation
  • Closed Polar Loop transmit modulation architecture
  • Compatibility with v1.12 of the DigRF standard
  • PA saturation detection and prevention circuit
  • Support for multi-slot GPRS and EDGE applications up to Class 34/39
  • Simplified control interface with channel and PCL programming
The EDGE Transceivers consist of:

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