SMP1322 Series
Low Resistance, Plastic Packaged PIN Diodes

The SMP1322 series of plastic packaged, surface mountable PIN diodes is designed for use in high volume switch applications from 10 MHz to more than 10 GHz. The ultra-low resistance of these diodes (1.5 Ω maximum at 1 mA and 0.5 Ω typical at 10 mA) makes the SMP1322 series particularly suited to low-loss PIN diode switches in battery operated circuits.

The SMP1322 series is available in a selection of plastic packages and a variety of configurations that include an SC-70, a small footprint SC-79, a miniature SOD-323, the ultra-low inductance SOT-143 (0.2 nH), and a miniature SOD-882.

The SMP1322-016 consists of two diodes in an SOT-143 package configured to enable insertion in a quarter-wave transmit/receive (T/R) switch with no crossover connections.


  • Resistance: 0.8 Ω typical @ 1 mA
  • Packages rated MSL1, 260 °C per JEDEC J-STD-020)
Data Sheets SMP1322 Series: Low Resistance, Plastic Packaged PIN Diodes SMP1322_Series_200049W.pdf (812 KB)
Application Notes Circuit Models for Plastic Packaged Microwave Diodes 200311A.pdf (190 KB)
Application Notes Design With PIN Diodes Design_With_PIN_Diodes_200312D.pdf (683 KB)
Application Notes Solder Reflow Information Solder_Reflow_Info_200164C.pdf (109 KB)
Designer Info SMP1322: ADS 2002C Models (WinZip File) (174 KB)
Designer Info SMP1322-040LF: S Parameters (161 KB)
Designer Info SMP1322 Series ADS2012 Models (7zads file) SMP1322_wrk.7zap (2051 KB)
ProductName : SMP1322 Series
Min. VB IR = 10 µA (V) : 50
CT VR = 5 V (pF) :
CT VR = 30 V (pF) : 1 Max.
CT VR = 20 V (pF) :
VF IF = 10 mA (V) : 0.85 Typ.
RS IF = 1 mA F = 100 MHz (Ω) : 1.5 Max.
RS IF = 10 mA F = 100 MHz (Ω) : 0.5 Typ.
RS IF = 100 mA F = 100 MHz (Ω) :
Typical Carrier Lifetime IF = 10 mA (ns) : 400
Product Information:
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