Si826x Isolated Gate Drivers

Si826x ISOdrivers provide pin-compatible, drop-in upgrades for popular gate drive optocouplers and are ideal for driving power MOSFETs and IGBTs used in many inverter and motor control applications. 

Si826x isolated gate drivers use our proprietary silicon isolation technology, supporting up to 5.0 kV RMS withstand voltage per UL1577 and enabling higher-performance, reduced variation with temperature and age, tighter part-to-part matching, and superior common-mode rejection compared to other opto-drivers. While the input circuit mimics the characteristics of an LED, less drive current is required, resulting in higher efficiency. Propagation delay time is independent of input drive current, resulting in consistently short propagation times, tighter unit-to-unit variation, and greater input circuit design flexibility. As a result, Si826x devices offer longer service life and dramatically higher reliability compared to optocoupled gate drivers. Package options include the SO8, DIP8, LGA8, and SDIP6.

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