Class 8 90W Powered Devices

The Si34071 PoE Powered Device (PDs) combines an IEEE 802.3bt interface and a high efficiency DC DC controller into a single IC. Configurable for class 4 – class 8 power, the Si34071 simplifies high power PoE designs for wireless access points, small cells, security cameras, and smart lighting. It supports the key new features of the 802.3bt specification including short maintain power signature (MPS), autoclass, and power demotion. A UART port provides a simple interface for the system controller to enable/disable MPS pulse generation and determine the power granted by the PSE. The integrated DC DC controller supports flyback or forward topologies. The DC DC’s peak current mode control and variable switching frequencies improve efficiency and reduce EMI. Combined with easy to use EVBs, the Si34071 provides a complete solution for designing the new generation of PoE Powered Devices.

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