Class 4 30W Powered Devices

Si3406x PoE+ Powered Devices are the most highly integrated, IEEE 802.3 at Type 2-compliant, PoE PD interface and pulse-width-modulated (PWM) switching regulator ICs in the industry. Easily add PoE + functionality to Ethernet products with the Si3406x device's lowest overall BOM cost, efficiency and reliability. When included in the design of a PoE-enabled system, such as an IP camera, wireless access point or VoIP phone, an Si3406x IC converts the high voltage (typically >48 V) supplied over Ethernet copper UTP cabling into a regulated, low-voltage dc supply. Si3406x products combine all the required IEEE 802.3at Type 2 detection, classification and hot swap interfaces with a complete, high-efficiency PWM switching regulator. Si3406x devices provide the industry’s greatest integration of high voltage discrete devices onto the PD chip, PoE+ power capability, flexible power conversion topology options with up to 90% efficiency, robust sleep/wake/LED support modes and superior EMI performance, enabling cost-effective, high power, highly efficient PoE PD-powered solutions.

Si3406 devices feature the flagship PoE+ PD offering. Si34061 adds support for very high power applications and maximum efficiency, and Si34062 adds support for very low standby power applications, including sleep and wake features.

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