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IEEE 1588 and Synchronous Ethernet

Our range of network synchronizer clocks provides complete solutions for network-wide synchronization applications including 5G fronthaul, midhaul and backhaul, O-RAN-based cellular deployments, core, metro and transport networks and data centers.

NetSync™, the latest generation of Skyworks network synchronizer clocks, is designed to meet the hardware synchronization requirements of networks supporting Synchronous Ethernet, IEEE 1588 and local GNSS timing, as well as legacy SONET/SDH applications. The NetSync™ clocks are fully compliant with all the relevant ITU-T standards, such as G.8262 and G.8262.1, and incorporate industry-leading jitter and phase noise performance coupled with flexible frequency selection and rich output options, allowing designers to eliminate follow-on jitter attenuator or buffer devices.

The AccuTime™ software works alongside NetSync™ clocks to implement a complete IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) solution including a full-featured PTP stack supporting multiple applications and network profiles and an advanced time and frequency recovery servo which offers superior performance in even the most hostile networks.