IoT - Connected Home

Skyworks market-leading solutions provide the foundation for a vibrant connected home ecosystem, resolving the daunting analog and RF complexities that challenge the capabilities of existing hardware and networks. IoT smart home products allow homeowners greater control over their environment with a host of connected devices including entertainment such as with gaming, audio, video and home theater as well as thermostats, security systems, touch pads, security sensors, light switches, smoke and CO alarms, major appliances and door locks.

Our wireless solutions support global and regional variants of ISM-900, ISM-2400 (2.4 GHz), ISM 5-6 GHz, and 3GPP frequency band components supporting multiple protocols such as Wi-Fi (802.11), Wi-SUN, Zigbee®, Thread, Matter and Bluetooth® (including low energy), deliver advanced short- and long-range connectivity—making the connected home that much smarter. Skyworks' high-performance front-end modules (FEM) and discrete components combine multiple RF functions in efficient miniature packages with low-leakage and higher efficiency for long-life, cost-optimized product solutions.


Application Notes AN1237: Si5332 Design Guidelines for Minimizing EMI an1237-si5332-design-guidelines-for-minimizing-emi.pdf


Connected home appliances can monitor their own operational status and maximize energy efficiency. A reliable connection ensures real-time updates, so you’re never caught off guard by a leak or drop in temperature.

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Gaming & Headsets

A strong, reliable network connection reduces lag keeping your gameplay seamless. In the past, a wired connection was necessary for optimal gaming, but with Skyworks high performance wireless chips and audio components designers can build state-of-art advanced gaming and entertainment wire untethered.

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Home Theater & Smart Speakers

High-definition sound requires more data to be pushed across the line, without a strong connection you’ll start to experience a delay between the audio you hear and the image you see. By eliminating the latency issues, you’ll be immersed in the action.

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Smart Lighting

The universal nature of lighting makes it ideal to gather data and monitor a building’s environment. From tracking occupancy to measuring temperature and humidity, this data provides valuable insight and control over your space and enables real-time adjustments for improved efficiency, comfort and safety.

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Advanced Metering

Requiring the ruggedness to both withstand a wide range of seasonal temperatures and harsh elements and operate in the field for 20+ years, connected metering systems can remain active for the duration of a crisis such as tornadoes, hurricanes and city-wide power outages. Strong signals and optimized bandwidth connections can transmit through concrete and several underground layers keeping utilities and the public informed.

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Router & Wi-Fi

In addition to enhancing mobile device capabilities, Wi-Fi 6/6E is driving improved connectivity for IoT, private networks and deployments in dense public areas as well as across new products.

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Security (Camera & Lock)

Being able to access home security devices while you are away requires both range efficiency and the bandwidth to process high data rates of audio and images. Backup connectivity to the cloud ensures the system still operates even during a power outage.

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Set-Top Box

Connected media devices give consumers access to content from a growing number of providers while allowing multiple technologies to coexist seamlessly without a tangle of wires.

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A smart thermostat learns a household's patterns and adjusts temperature according to when a home is occupied or is about to be occupied. Remote system access saves both energy and money while maintaining the perfect climate.

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With the time it takes for live events to be digitally captured, processed, uploaded to your content provider, transferred to your home, decompressed and rendered on your screen, there are many points at which latency can increase. A strong and stable connection ensures your view of live TV is as close to live as it gets without being there.

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