The Si2141 is the industry's most advanced silicon TV tuner IC supporting all worldwide terrestrial and cable TV standards for digital and analog TV reception. Leveraging five generations of field-proven TV tuner technology, the Si2141 delivers improved RF performance over our Si21x7 TV tuners while further reducing footprint size and bill of materials cost. The Si2141 delivers unprecedented integration with no external balun, tracking filters, LNAs, SAW filters or inductive power supply filtering.

Available in an industry-leading 3x3 QFN24 package, the Si2141 eliminates the need for an external balun, LNAs, SAW filters and inductive power supply filtering to deliver the lowest-cost, most design-friendly and area-efficient solution available today. While competing solutions may also eliminate the balun, they suffer degradation in NF and second-order distortion, compromising reception. A fully integrated 1.8 V LDO enables single supply operation, while a dual supply option offers additional system flexibility. Increased immunity to LTE interference and a harmonic rejection mixer with outstanding immunity to Wi-Fi interference eliminates the need for external filtering.

For advanced digital broadcast standards with high-order constellations, such as DVB-T2 and DVB-C2, the superior integrated phase noise of the Si2141 provides industry-leading reception performance compared to competing solutions. The device delivers exceptional picture quality and a higher number of received stations when compared to other silicon TV tuners.


Package Size (mm)3x3
DescriptionWorldwide Digital TV Tuner
Package TypeQFN24

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Evaluation Kits

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Si2141 Evaluation Kit

The Si2141 TV Tuner is supported by a simple but effective evaluation kit, available under NDA. The Si2141-A-EVB provides a complete evaluation platform and includes the GUI control software and the the Si2183 DVB-T2/T/C and ISDB-T Digital TV Demodulator.