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Fox Business
Skyworks Q1 Earnings – Creating RF Chips that Incorporate AI Capabilities

Feb. 01, 2024

Liam K. Griffin talks Skyworks earnings with Liz Claman on The Claman Countdown, as well as the expanding use cases for #RF technology in broad markets including automotive, IoT, infrastructure, and AI, plus how the company specializes in designing customer specific #wireless technology.

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Some CES 2024 Highlights

Jan. 18, 2024

CES was all about front-end modules, network infrastructure, automotive, and audio products for this leader in all manner of RF-related components and RFICs.

Fox Business
Taking AI to the Smartphone

Jan. 11, 2024

See what Skyworks Solutions CEO Liam K. Griffin discusses AI with Liz Claman on the Claman Countdown

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Skyworks Showcases its Latest Automotive and Smart City Utility Applications at CES 2024

Jan. 11, 2024

Skyworks is demonstrating a wide array of its latest high-performance products supporting automotive and smart city utility applications at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

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Skyworks’ scalable noise suppression software

Jan. 05, 2024

Skyworks’ AI Noise Suppression software claims to deliver noise reduction which increases speech intelligibility, preserving quality and reducing listener fatigue when using handsets, headsets, conference systems, automotive telematics, wireless microphones and audio-visual systems.

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Skyworks unveils AI noise suppression solution

Jan. 04, 2024

Skyworks will demonstrate its new AI noise suppression solution, developed for noise reduction in communications and recording systems, at CES 2024.

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How BAW addresses spectrum coexistence challenges in Wi-Fi 7

Oct. 27, 2023

Wi-Fi 7 will bring great benefits, but its difficulties and complexities cannot be understated. To overcome these coexistence challenges, bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technology has arisen as a solution. BAW, an advanced filtering solution for mobile, radar and other communications systems, is a type of compact, cost-efficient RF filter that can be applied to several applications up to 6 GHz. (EDN)

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Demand For Timing Innovation Grows

July 19, 2023

Skyworks’ Wilson noted that design engineers also are looking for ways to address many of these issues through functional integration. “System designers are seeking solutions that unify all clock generation and clock distribution in a single IC,” he said. “This helps the design meet stringent performance requirements while simplifying PCB footprint and power budgeting.” (Semiconductor Engineering)

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