Si838x Digital Isolators

Our Si838x isolators offer longer service life and dramatically higher reliability compared to competing opto-coupled input solutions. The device provides eight channels of 24 V digital field interface in a single compact QSOP package with integrated safety rated isolation. With a few external components, this structure provides compliance to IEC 61131-2 switch types 1, 2, or 3. The input interface is built on our ground-breaking CMOS-based LED emulator technology, which enables the bipolar capability (sinking or sourcing inputs) to operate without a power supply required on the field side. The output interface to the controller allows for low power operation with 2.5 V operation capability. These devices utilize our proprietary silicon isolation technology and support up to 2.5 kVrms withstand voltage, enabling high speed capability of 1 MHz (2 Mbps) for servo motor control, a high noise immunity of 25 kV/µs, lower prop delays and skew, reduced variation with temperature and age and tighter part-to-part matching. Product options include parallel or serialized outputs, a de-bounce filter, either pre-programmed (in the parallel configuration) or programmable (on the serial out configuration).

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