DDB2503 Series

Silicon Schottky Barrier Diodes: Packaged, Bondable Chips and Beam-Leads

Skyworks packaged, beam-lead and chip Schottky barrier detector diodes are designed for applications through 40 GHz in Ka band. They are made by the deposition of a suitable barrier metal on an epitaxial silicon substrate to form the junction. The process and choice of materials result in low series resistance along with a narrow spread of capacitance values for close impedance control. p-type silicon is used to obtain superior 1/f noise characteristics.n-type silicon is also available.Packaged diodes are suitable for use in waveguide, coaxial, and stripline applications. Beam-lead and chip diodes can also be mounted in a variety of packages or on special customer substrates.Unmounted beam-lead diodes are especially well suited for use in MIC applications. Mounted beam-lead diodes can be easily used in MIC, stripline or other such circuitry. The "Universal Chips" are designed for a high degree of device reliability in both commercial and industrial uses. The offset bond pad assures that no mechanical damage will occur at the junction during the wire bonding. Additionally the 4 mil bond pad eliminates performance variation due to bonding and is ideal for automated assembly, and improves efficiency during manual operations as well.

DDB2503 Series includes DDB2503-220, DDB2503-230 and DDB2503-250,


Frequency BandX
Min. TSS (dBm)50
VB @ 10 µA (V)2
ZIF (Ω)500-700
Frequency Band GHz10
VF @ 1 mA (mV)200-350
Max. CJ @ 0 V (pF)0.15


  • Both P-type and N-type low barrier silicon available
  • Low 1/f noise
  • Bonded junctions for reliability
  • Planar passivated beam-lead and chip construction
  • See also zero bias silicon schottky barrier detector diodes

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