860 – 930 MHz High Power RF Front End Module

The SE2435L is a high performance, highly integrated RF Front End Module designed for high power ISM band applications operating in the 860 – 930 MHz frequency band.

The SE2435L is designed for ease of use and maximum flexibility, with fully matched 50 Ω input and output, and digital controls compatible with 1.6 – 3.6 V CMOS levels.

The RF blocks operate over a wide supply voltage range from 2.0 to 4.8 V allowing the SE2435L to be used in battery powered applications over a wide spectrum of the battery discharge curve.

The SE2435L has been designed into reference designs with STMicroelectronics' SPIRIT1 device.

About the STM Sub GHz transceiver daughterboard with power amplifier based on the SPIRIT1 (868 MHz band)

The STEVAL-IKR001V8D demonstration board is based on the SPIRIT1, a sub GHz low power, low data rate transceiver suitable for ISM bands and wireless M-BUS systems.

The STEVAL-IKR001V8D includes an RF Front End Module from Skyworks®, which allows the application to reach +27 dBm (500 mW) output power.

The reference design collateral can be downloaded from

For more information regarding the STM SPIRIT1 please visit:



    • Integrated PA with 30 dBm output power
    • Integrated LNA with programmable bypass
    • Integrated antenna switching with Tx and Rx diversity function
    • Low FEM noise figure of 2 dB typical
    • Single ended 50 Ω Tx/Rx RF interface
    • Fast turn-ON / turn-OFF time <1 μsec
    • 2.0 V – 4.8 V supply operation
    • Sleep mode current <1 μA
    • 4 x 4 x 0.9 mm 24 pin QFN, NiPdAu plated
    • Pb-free, RoHS compliant and Halogen free

Images & Diagrams


    • RF Frequency (MHz)
    • 860-930
    • Rx Insertion Loss (dB) Typ.
    • 2
    • Rx Gain (dB) Typ.
    • 16
    • Tx Gain (dB)
    • 28
    • Rx NF (dB) Typ.
    • 2
    • Saturated Output Power (dBm) Typ.
    • 31.5
    • Supply Voltage (V)
    • 2.0-4.8
    • Package
    • QFN, 24-pin
    • Package (mm)
    • 4 x 4 x 0.9

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