Si88xx Digital Isolators

Si88xx integrated products for signal and power isolation are complete isolation solutions, combining high speed digital isolators with an isolated power supply. These products are ideal for applications like industrial automation, programmable logic controllers (PLC), battery management systems, and motor control that require long-term performance.

Si88xx devices have up to four high speed digital isolation channels integrated with a modified fly-back topology based dc-dc converter working in conjunction with an external transformer to provide up to 5 W of isolated power with a 24 V input supply. An external switch is used to supply the secondary side of the Si88xx, as well as other circuits on the isolated side with an isolated 5 V supply. The converter includes safety soft start, thermal detection, and cycle-by-cycle current limiting safety features, as well as built-in secondary sensing and feedback through the isolation barrier back to the controller, resulting in excellent line and load regulation for system stability.

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